Knowledge Management Center for Illuminating the Druggable Genome

Sorin I. Avram
Senior Researcher III
Computer Molecular Design
Institute of Chemistry Timisoara of Romanian Academy (ICTRA)
“Coriolan Drăgulescu” Institute of Chemistry
Timisoara, Jud. Timiș, Romania



Dr. Sorin Avram utilizes his background in pharmaceutical sciences together with programming skills to solve simple to complex problems including linking targets/genes to diseases/phenotypes. In addition his team collects data focusing on FDA new approved drugs, then integrates and organizes these into the existent database (e.g., DrugCentral), thereby verify and standardizing the pharmacological and regulatory information for active pharmaceutical ingredients and products from high standards resources. His team includes Dr. Ramona Curpan, Dr. Liliana Halip, and Dr. Alina Bora.

NIH grant number: 1U24 CA224370-01

KMC-ICTRA publications:

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