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2023-06-04:FASEB Science Research Conference: Dr. Henry Colecraft, Columbia, Dr. Avi Ma'ayan, ISMMS, and Dr. Michael McManus, UCSF, are co-organizers of “The Illuminating the Understudied Druggable Proteome Conference” as part of the FASEB series (#UDPSRC). This conference is focused on exploring the understudied druggable targets including ion channels, G protein coupled receptors, kinases, and network pharmacology. There will be three keynote lectures by Bryan Roth, MD, PhD, Michael Hooker Distinguised Professor, Pharmacology Director, NIMH Psychoactive Drug Screening Program, Eshelman School of Pharmacy, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC, Gary Johnson, PhD, Profesor of Pharmacology, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC, and Lori Isom, PhD, Maurice H. Seevers Professor and Chair of the Department of Pharmacology, Professor of Molecular and Integrative Physiology, and Professor of Neurology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI. This conference will take place June 4-8, 2023 in Southbridge, MA. |Read More|

2023-05-16: e-IDG Symposium: The final session for this e-IDG Symposium series takes place on May 16, 2023. We will host Dr. Andrew White, PhD (University of Rochester) as he gives a presentation entitled "Language is the future of chemistry". To Register: |Read More|

2023-05-02: e-IDG Symposium: On May 2nd the focus for the e-IDG Symposium will be Kinases with one presentation by Dr. Caitlin Mills, PhD (Harvard School of Medicine) on "Profiling kinase inhibitor polypharmacology reveals broad coverage of dark kinases" and one presentation by Dr. Steve Angus, PhD (Indiana University School of Medicine) on "Functional kinome profiling guides therapeutic approaches for rare pediatric tumors". To Register: |Read More|

2023-04-18: e-IDG Symposium: We'll continue the e-IDG Symposium series on April 18, 2023 with presentations from 2 IDG-associated R03 awardees and learn of their illumination of Ion Channels. Dr. Samuel Young, PhD (U Iowa) give a presentation entitled "Defining the roles of CACNA2D family in regulation of synaptic function". And Dr. Harpreet Singh, PhD (OSU Medical Center) will present on "Illuminating Chloride Intracellular Channels". To Register: |Read More|

2023-04-04: e-IDG Symposium: The spring series picks up again on April 4, 2023 with a focus on illuminating GPCRs. This session will have two presentations. Dr. Tom Helton, PhD MBA and Dr. Jeffrey DiBerto, PhD (both from Eve Bio) will present on "Focused Research Organizations and EvE: A Novel Approach to Drug Discovery". And Dr. Aashish Manglik, PhD (UCSF) will present his work on "Seeing scents: Structural insights into odorant recognition by human odorant receptors". To Register: |Read More|

2023-02-15: e-IDG Symposium: The next session for e-IDG Symposium series takes place on February 15, 2023 with presentation by Dr. Nicolette Landsberger, PhD (Department of Medical Biotechnology and Translational Medicine, University of Milano) entitled "Identification and characterization of a new possible therapeutic target for the treatment of Rett syndrome". To Register: |Read More|

2023-02-07: e-IDG Symposium: The Spring 2023 series of e-IDG Symposium kicks-off on February 7, 2023 with presentations on the Understudied Protein Initiative. The speakers will be Dr. Georg Kustatscher, PhD (The University of Edinburgh) and Dr. Juri Rappsilber, PhD (Technical University of Berlin and Wellcome Centre Cell Biology, Edinburgh). And they will present on the "Understudied proteins initiative - tackling annotation bias by proteomics". To Register: |Read More|

2022-11-15: e-IDG Symposium: The final session for the Fall 2022 e-IDG Symposium series takes place Tuesday, November 15th with a focus on Informatics. We will hear from Eden Deng (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai ) on “Target identification from RNA-seq data for cell removal with immunotherapies”. And Dr. Tudor Oprea, PhD MD (Roivant Discovery ) will present “Can Humans Learn from Machine Learning in Drug Discovery?" To Register:  |Read More|

2022-11-03: e-IDG Symposium: Ion Channels are the focus for the e-IDG Symposium session on Thursday, November 3rd. Special note about the presentation time in Europe due to daylight saving time differences. This session starts at 16:00 in UK. At this session Dr. David Bennett, MB PhD, FRCP, FMedSci (The University of Oxford ) will present on “Sodium calcium exchanger-3 regulates pain ‘wind up’: human psychophysics to spinal mechanisms” and Dr. Haoxing Xu, PhD (University of Michigan ) will present on "The Acid Gate in the Lysosome"
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2022-10-18: e-IDG Symposium: The e-IDG Symposium session on Tuesday, October 18th will focus on GPCRs two presentations; Dr. Joshua Wollam, PhD (Escient Pharmaceuticals ) presenting on “Targeting MRGPRs: Drug Discovery Approaches and Challenges” and Dr. Julie Pickett, PhD (UNC ) presenting on "GPR97 probe development".
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2022-10-04: e-IDG Symposium: The next session of e-IDG Symposium for Fall 2022 occurs Tuesday, October 4th with the focus on Kinases with presentations from members of Lewis Cantley's lab : Dr. Jared L. Johnson, PhD, and Dr. Tomer M. Yaron, PhD. Their presentation is entitled "The Kinase Library: A substrate specificity atlas of the human kinome and its application to high throughput phosphoproteomics data".
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2022-09-20: e-IDG Symposium: The augural session for the Fall 2022 series of e-IDG Symposium takes place Tuesday, September 20th with the focus on Informatics with presentations from Dr. Andrew Leach, PhD , and Dr. Maria Paula Magarinos, PhD  from SureChEMBL  and ChEMBL . Their presentation is entitled "Chemical Biology Resources at the European Bioinformatics Institute: current status and some future plans".
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2022-05-17: e-IDG Symposium: The final session of this Spring 2022 Spring series of e-IDG Symposium takes place May 17th and will focus on Ion Channels with presentations from Dr. Hiro Furukawa, PhD (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory ) on "Structures and functions of large-pore channels - case studies on CALHM and Pannexin" and from Dr. Zhaozhu Qiu, PhD (John Hopkins University ) on "From SWELL to PAC: discovery of novel chloride channels".
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2022-05-03: e-IDG Symposium: Next e-IDG Symposium session will take place on May 3rd with presentations from Dr. Silvio Gutkind, PhD, ( University of California San Diego) on "Illuminating the Onco-Immune GPCRome" and from Dr. Daniel Isom, PhD ( University of Miami) on "Proton-gated coincidence detection by GPCRs".
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2022-04-19: e-IDG Symposium: Our Spring series aims the light on GPCRs for this next upcoming e-IDG session on April 19th with presentations from Dr. Kathleen Caron, PhD, (University of North Carolina) on "Illuminating Orphan GPCRs in Lymphatics" and from Dr. Hongxia Ren, PhD, (Indiana University) on "Endocrine Function and Molecular Mechanisms of GPR17 Signaling in Metabolism".
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2022-04-05: e-IDG Symposium: Kinase focused e-IDG Session occurs on April 5th with presentations from Dr. Peter Sorger, PhD (Harvard) on "Measuring and modeling small molecule kinome interactions to illuminate dark kinases" and from Dr. Jarrod A. Marto, PhD (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute) on "Fragment screening for the dark kinases"
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2022-03-29: e-IDGSymposium: Kick-off session for the Spring 2022 series of e-IDG Symposium takes place on March 29,2022. Dr. Thomas Garcia, PhD from BaylorCollege of Medicine will present "The Mammalian Reproductive Genetics Database, version 2 (MRGDv2)". And Timothy Sheils and Keith Kelleher from NCATS/NIHwill showcase "Pharos: An open data resource for examining target, disease and ligand interactions" To Register: |Read More|

2021-11-30: IDG Digital Tool Fest 2021: IDG is hosting the first IDG DIGITAL TOOL FEST on Tuesday, November 30th with an exciting line-up of 10-minute demonstrations. The presented tools were developed within the IDG consortium covering mechanisms for exploring Drugs and their gene Targets within the context of information extracted from text-mining, expression data, and signaling pathways. The tools offer users the ability to construct their own specialized queries to access information programmatically. Register here: |Read More|

2021-11-18: e-IDG Symposium: Final session of this fall’s series of e-IDG Symposium occurs on November 18th, 2021 highlighting Ion Channels with presentation by Dr. Henry Colecraft, Ph.D. ( Colombia ) "Regulating Ion Channel Function and Expression With Engineered Nanobodies" and Dr. Markus Delling, Ph.D. ( UCSF ) "Illuminating the function of the dark matter polycystin channels" Register here: |Read More|

2021-11-04: e-IDG Symposium: Continuation of e-IDG Symposium series will hold a session on November 4th focusing on Kinases with presentation by Dr. Jian Jin, Ph.D. ( ISSMS ) on "Discovery of Kinase PROTACs as Potential Cancer Therapies" and Dr. David Drewry ( UNC ) on "The Kinase Chemogenomic Set (KCGS): A resource for kinase vulnerability identification" Register here: |Read More|

2021-10-21: e-IDG Symposium: Informatics Tools will be the focus of the e-IDG Symposium happening on October 21st, 2021. There will be talks by Anna Pamela Calinawan (Pei Wang Lab, ISSMS) "Pancancer Kinase Enrichment Analysis Provides Insights into Immunogenic Signaling Pathways"; Dr. Alexander Lachmann (Avi Ma'ayanLab, ISSMS) "PrismExp, blitzGSEA and bridgeGSEA: Incorporating Gene Function Predictions within GSEA"; and Eryk Kropiwnicki (Avi Ma'ayanLab, ISSMS) "DrugShot: Querying Biomedical Search Terms to Retrieve Prioritized Lists of Small Molecules". Register here: |Read More|

2021-10-07: e-IDG Symposium: Second e-IDG Symposium this Fall focuses on GPCRs with presentations by Dr. Jonathan Fay, PhD (UNC) on "Active state ensemble of an itch receptor revealed by cryo-EM" and Dr. Vsevolod "Seva" Katritch, PhD (USC) on "Giga-Scale virtual screening for GPCR ligand discovery with V-SYNTHES technology". Register here: |Read More|

2021-09-16: e-IDG Symposium: Inaugural Fall session in this series focuses on Kinases with presentation by Dr. Susan Taylor (UCSD) and Dr. Jinae Roa (UCSD) on "Retina: window into PKA signaling Neurons", and by IDG speaker, Dr. Stephan Schürer (UofMiami) on "The Dark Cancer Kinome: Untapped Opportunities to Target Understudied Kinases in Cancer". Register here: |Read More|

2021-08-10: FASEB Science Research Conference: Dr. Lily Jan, UCSF, and Dr. Bryan Roth, UNC, are organizing “The Understudied Druggable Proteome Conference” as part of the FASEB series (#UCP21). This conference is focused on exploring the understudied druggable proteome and will bring together pharmacologists, chemical biologists, biochemists, physiologists, and system biologists. The keynote lecture will be given by Dr. Ardem Patapoutian, Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Scripps Research Insistute. This virtual conference will take place August 10-12, 2021. |Read More|

2021-05-18: e-IDG Symposium Series: The final session of the e-IDG Symposium Series will finish strong by highlighting outcomes from IDG-associated R03 grants focused on GPCR with presentations by Dr. Thomas Green, PhD, University of Texas Medical Branch, "GPR12 in the nucleus accumbens and addiction: electrophysiology and behavior" andDr. Daniel G. Isom, PhD, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, "Illuminating how dark GPCRs detect protons". To Register: |Read More|

2021-05-04: e-IDG Symposium Series: The IDG s-symposium series continues with a session on Informatics Tools with presentations by Dr. Paul W. Sternberg, PhD, CalTech, "Curating, integrating and presenting information about model organisms at the Alliance of Genome Resources" and by Dr. Lincoln Stein, MD PhD, OICR and co-PI of Reactome, "Guilt by Association: A Few Tricks for Finding and Characterizing Cancer-Associated Genes". To Register: |Read More|

2021-04-20: e-IDG Symposium Series: Ion Channels are the focus of the fourth installment of this series with invited speaker, Dr. Srinivas Niranj Chandrasekaran, PhD, Broad Institute, "Accelerating drug discovery with the power of microscopy" and IDG speaker, Dr. Stefan Feske, MD, New York University School of Medicine, "Identification of novel ion channels and transporters in immune cells". To Register: |Read More|

2021-04-06: e-IDG Symposium Series: This session will focus on GPCR with presentations by invited speaker, Dr. Aashish Manglik, PhD, University of California San Francisco, "Fishing with new bait: biochemical approaches to interrogate orphan GPCR function" and and by IDG speaker, Dr. Can Cao, DRGC-GPCR, "Structural and functional study of orphan receptor". To Register: |Read More|

2021-03-30: e-IDG Symposium Series: Second session in this series focuses on Kinases with presentations by invited speaker, Dr. Martin Golkowski, University of Washington, on "Targeting Phenotypic Transitions to Overcome Cancer Metastasis and Therapy Resistance" and by IDG speaker, Dr. Gary Johnson, PI for DRGC-Kinase, on “Plasticity of the Human Kinome Responding to Targeted Kinase Inhibition”. Register here: |Read More|

2021-03-16: e-IDG Symposium Series: The series will showcase two speakers (external and IDG) sharing new developments of experimental resources and digital tools illuminating the understudied targets in three main druggable protein families: GPCR, kinase and ion channels... and beyond. This session 1 theme is Informatics platforms and Drug Discovery with Invited speaker: Dr. Ian Dunham, Director of Open Targets at EMBL-EBI, "Identifying and prioritising drug targets with the Open Targets Platform and Open Targets Genetics" and IDG speaker: Dr. Tudor Oprea, PI for KMC and RDOC, "Illuminating the Druggable Genome: Drugs, Targets, Phenotypes and Diseases". Register here: |Read More|

2020-10-26: ATOM-IDG Symposium Series: The goal for this outreach event is to explore collaborative activities via a joint symposium that would promote development of drugs from IDG probes. ATOM (Accelerating Therapeutics for Opportunities in Medicine) is a consortium of National Labs, Biotech/Pharma Companies and UCSF. The objective of ATOM is to transform drug discovery from experiment-driven, sequential, and high-failure to computation-driven, integrated and patient-centric. |Read More|

2020-09-10: IDG OUTREACH Meeting UNC: This symposium is aimed toward participants interested in target selection in drug discovery, expansion of protein function, development of experimental and informatics approaches to understanding proteins, as well as potential collaborators from academia, industry and not-for-profit institutes. It was held virtually on Thursday, September 10th and Friday September 11th, 2020. |Read More|

2019-11-15: Finding Targets for Drug Discovery - A joint symposium hosted by Open Targets and Illuminating the Druggable Genome consortium highlighting their work to expand knowledge and experimental data to enable new targets in drug discovery. |Read More| or view a pdf of the public summary|

2018-08-23: IDG Outreach meeting with BAGIM (Boston Area Group for Informatics and Modeling) at Harvard University, covering presentation from IDG members. |Read More|

2018-08-22: Move Away from the Lamppost & Find Druggable Targets, an ACS symposium at the Fall 2018 ACS National Meeting & Exposition in Boston, MA, was organized by Dr. Rajarshi Guha (Vertex) and Dr. Tudor Oprea (UNM, KMC) for August 22, 2018. |Read More|