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IDG Consortium is a U54 program funded by the NIH Common Fund with the goal to shed light on areas of understudied targets. The consortium encompasses four different groups: (1) Data and Resource Generating Centers (DRGC), (2) Knowledge Management Center (KMC), (3) Resource Dissemination and Outreach Center (RDOC), and (4) Cutting Edge Informatics Tools for Illuminating the Druggable Genome (CEIT). In addition there are NIH sponsored R03, SBIR, and STTR grants associated with IDG.

The focus for the DRGCs is on three protein families: G-protein coupled receptors, ion channels and protein kinases, for which there are lists of ‘understudied proteins’ (link to current list). Illumination of these proteins by DRGC are done by compound library screening (in vitro and in silico), antibody development, function and activation state profiling, and mouse expression profiling, to name a few processes.  As data from these projects progress, IDG will be reporting the status on the availability of these newly developed resources (data and/or reagents) from the DRGCs.  Please visit our Protein Illumination Timeline  for these updates.

The KMC work on gathering knowledge covering the entire human genome and expanding to model systems, including GWAS studies, expression data, compound binding and patent information via ChEMBL . These are then sharing via the User Interface Portal called PHAROS . There are a number of different bioinformatics tools developed by KMC including TIN-x Harmonizome GEO2ENrichr Enrichr   and Archs4 .

RDOC operate as a facilitator for the resources (reagents to data) generated by DRGC to be available to the general scientific community in a manner that is complaint with FAIR data sharing principles.  This group organizes and coordinate consortium wide meetings. RDOC are open to co-host meetings with interested outside consortia.  Please contact if interested.

In the spring of 2022, there were a second round of CEIT awardees added to the IDG. These groups are working on expanding the utility and development of the informatics tools to aid in the goal of illuminating the druggable genome. More information on their work can be found at CEIT-BCMCEIT-ISMMS, and CEIT-UGA-IC. Previous round of CEIT awards were made in 2019. More information on these groups can be found at CEIT-JAXCEIT-OHSU, and CEIT-UGA. Tools from these groups include reactome ProKino , and Monarch Initiative .

The first round of IDG associated R03 awardees were announced by the NIH in the fall of 2019 in response to RFA-RM-18-021 . Since then there have been additional three more rounds of R03 funding opportunities announced by the NIH. These new investigators are elucidating further the biological networks, potential binding molecules and disease relevance of different understudied IDG targets.  To see a list of all rounds of IDG associated R03 awardees please visit IDG R03 award sites.

Please email if interested in joining user lists or getting updates concerning the products and resources produced by the IDG members.